Payment and Financing

Financing a car can be stressful. At Koons, we have made it easy for over 3 million people to buy a car and will do the same for you! We can help with all credit situations, and offer you the best, most flexible terms.

Yes. Koons offers you the best options for financing or leasing your next vehicle. Our size helps us secure you the best rates and most flexible terms.

Of course. Koons has experience with all types of credit situations and access to specific lenders that help with credit challenges. Koons’ scale and size helps us secure financing for customers when other dealers likely could not.

Yes! We offer lease options on all new vehicles, and select Koons locations offer leasing for used cars.

Definitely. Our finance and leasing experts can provide information and recommendations specific to your personal situation.

Yes, although co-buyers are not required.

While we are confident Koons can provide you the best financing options, you are also welcome to use your own bank. They will provide you with a certified check, a lien check, or a draft. Any of these are proof of financing. Your bank will likely require a Buyer’s Order to provide you with proof of financing. Koons will provide the necessary documentation.

Yes. This protects Koons and our customers from bank fraud.

Payment will go directly to the bank. Koons will provide full contact information for the bank at the time of purchase, and can always help answer any questions.