Purchasing a Car

Koons has made the process of buying a car simple and easy! Learn about what to expect, and a few helpful tips, by exploring the questions below.

While you can complete most of the steps of the process online, we still set the expectation that some elements will be completed while interacting with someone from the Koons team. Those steps can be completed remotely, though.

At Koons, it’s easy to use the website to complete most of the purchase process online. From the details page of the car you’d like to buy, click “Get Started,” and then the “Buy Online” button. You’ll be prompted to create/sign into your Koons account. After that, you explore financing, get a trade in offer, upload any necessary supporting documents, and choose in-store or in-home delivery. If, at any point, you need assistance, a Koons Team Member can be reached by chat or phone. Once you’ve finished the online process, we will reach out to help you review and sign your paperwork remotely.

Never! You will only be responsible for the usual taxes, tags, and processing fee.

All customers need a valid insurance policy and valid driver’s license. In addition, some customers may be required by lenders to provide other supporting documents (proof of income or residence, etc.)

Yes, you will need insurance in order to buy a car.

Your down payment is due at the time of delivery, or anytime prior.

You may use a debit card for your down payment.

You can pick it up at the store, or we offer home delivery.

Once you have completed the steps of the purchase, we will arrange a time to bring you any remaining paperwork, your new car, and pick up your trade-in (if applicable).