Trading In & Selling

Time for a new car? Just want to get rid of the one you have? Let Koons help! Skip the sketchy meetups, get the most money for your car, and there is no obligation to buy a car from us! We will even pick it up.

Yes! Koons will buy your car in any condition, regardless of whether you buy one of ours. In some states, you get an added tax credit toward your new car purchase if you are trading it in. Ask any Koons team member for details.

You can get an offer on your vehicle online by selecting “Sell/Trade My Car” and answering a few questions about your vehicle, or bring your vehicle to one of our convenient Koons locations.

No. While you do not need an appointment to get an appraisal at a Koons location, it is recommended to ensure there is a Koons team member available to assist you as soon as you arrive.

Yes, the online offer is the real offer. We will verify that the condition of your vehicle matches what was provided to us online. Then, we give you payment on the spot or help you trade it in for another vehicle.

If you have an online offer, you can either bring it to one of the Koons locations where we will verify the condition and provide payment on the spot, or schedule an appointment to have us pick up the car from your home where we will also have a check in hand.

Yes. We can meet you at home or work to verify the condition, provide payment, and accept any documents needed.

Requirements may vary from state to state, but here are a few items you’ll need no matter where you are: Your car’s title or payoff information (all title holders should be present) Valid and current registration Valid state-issued photo ID for all title holders All keys and remotes You don’t need these items to get an offer on your car, but if you are planning on selling or trading it when you do get an offer, you should come prepared with these items.

Whether you bring the car into a Koons location or have an associate pick up the car at your home, you will receive payment in hand on the same day. We are able to print a check in store or on location anywhere.

If the payoff amount is more than your offer, the difference is referred to as “negative equity.” When you trade in the car, you may have the option to include that negative equity into the financing of the new or pre-owned vehicle you purchase from Koons. If not, we will calculate the difference between your pay-off and your offer, and you can pay Koons directly.